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Hy-Pro & Motolat

MOTOLAT is the authorized distributor of Hy-Pro Filtration of USA in Nigeria.

Hy-Pro’s innovative filtration products solve a range of contamination Challenges for better fluid performance.

See below links to Authorization and Certification.


Hy-Pro Filter Elements & Accessories

  • DFE Dynamic Filter Efficiency
  • Cellulose to Glass Upgrade
  • Lube Design Filter Elements
  • Dynafuzz Stainless steel Fiber Media
  • NSD Non - Spark Discharge Filter Element
  • Water Removal Filter Elements
  • Turbo - TOC Filter Element Upgrade

Hy-Pro Filter Assemblies and Accessories

  • In-Tank Assemblies
  • Low Pressure Assemblies
  • Medium Pressure Assemblies
  • High Pressure Assemblies
  • Duplex Filter Assemblies
  • Reservoir Accessories
  • Test Kits & Equipment

Hy-Pro Fluid Conditioning Equipment

Off-line Filter Systems:

  • CFU Compact Filter Unit
  • FPL Filter Panel
  • FC Filter Carts
  • FSL High Viscosity Filter Systems
  • FSLD Duplex High Viscosity Filter Skids
  • FSW Wall Mounted High Viscosity Filter System
  • FCL High Viscosity Filter Carts
  • HS Heater Skid

Diesel Filter Housing & Systems:

  • COD Diesel Conditioning Filter Systems
  • FSLCOD Diesel Conditioning Filter Systems
  • FSLCOD Diesel Conditioning Filter Carts
  • CSD Diesel Coalesce Filter Housing

Varnish & Acid Scavenging Systems:

  • SVR Soluble Varnish Removal Filter Systems
  • FSTO Turbine Oil Varnish Removal systems
  • FSA Phosphate Ester Varnish Removal systems
  • FSJL Jet Lube Varnish Removal Systems
  • ECR Electrostatic Contamination Removal Systems
  • ICB Ionic Charged Bonding Filter Elements

Water Removal Equipment:

  • VUD Vac-U-Dry Vacuum Dehydration Systems
  • VI Compact VUD Vacuum Dehydration Systems
  • COT Turbine Oil Conditioning Systems
  • FCLCOT Turbine Oil Conditioning Filter Carts
  • TMR-N2 Headspace Dehydrator + Nitrogen Generators
  • TMR-Air Headspace Dehydrators

Small Gearboxes and Reservoirs

  • Compact wall mount FSW
  • Non-powered LFW
  • Solids filtration
  • Water absorbing
  • Insoluble varnish

Fluid Handling, Storage & Custom Made

  • LCS Liquid Conditioning Station
  • Custom Equipment

Marine Side Thruster Hydraulics

  • 800 gallon lube oil systems
  • Sea water for cooling
  • Salt water gets into lube oil
  • Sweeten and dump
  • Need V1S with salt removal capability

Marine Diesel Fuel Conditioning

  • Compact FSLCOD
  • Dual stage coalesce / separate
  • Solid contamination filtration
  • Auto water drain 24 x 7
  • Height optimized for ship

Hy-Pro Fluid Test Equipment

Fluid Test Equipment

  • FPM 75 Portable Fluid Monitor For Particulate, Water & fluid condition
  • VTK on site Varnish test kit.
  • PTKI portable Oil analysis Patch Test Kit
  • PM-I On-Line ISO Code Particle Monitor

Strategic Partnership Trojan Dry out Systems

Transformer Oil Conditioning Equipment

Transformer Oil Conditioning:


  • TDOS, Trojan DryOut System
  • POD, Single Tank Online Molecular  Sieve
  • OMS, Multi Tank Online Molecular  Sieve


  • Hy-Pro full product range

Industry Applications

Power Generation, Manufacturing, Steel Mills, Aluminiun Processing, Paper Mill, Wood Products, Oil Refinery & Petrochemical, Mining, Plastic Injection Moulding, Fluid Reclamation, Bulk Oil & Fuel Conditioning, Diesel Fuel Conditioning.

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